Manual campaign

A manual campaign sends a single burst of SMS messages making. Generally recommended to start with such a campaign.

Multistep campaign

As most SMS’s get read in the first 3 minutes from being delivered the multi step campaign allows the platform to send messages in batches (steps) and optimize them according to results.


Step size

(Default 100 per route, than 1,000 than max step size)


(Default true) If to optimise routes, texts and offers while sending.

max sent

(Default null) How many sms to send in total for that send.

step wait time

(Default 5 minutes) After a step is sent how long to wait

Campaign Plan

A campaign plan allows you to automated the sends of an SMS campaign. On the days and times set in the settings a campaign send will be triggers.

The campaign planner automatically resets the progress when progress is full.

Creating a campaign planner

  1. At Campaigns > Create > Sending
  2. Click Campaign planner
  3. Set the attributes and click next will save the settings.

Attributes campaign plan

  1. Days to send
  2. Time to send - can be set in general or per day. The time to send will be determined by the contact local time, in countries with multiple time zones it will be set by the contact timezone or state if set. If not set by the country default timezone.
  3. Total SMS limit - default 0
  4. Total SMS per day per contact - default 1
  5. Total SMS per week per contacts - default 5

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