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Enterprise Grade Messaging Solutions
SMS - Whatsapp - RCS - Chatbots - Newsletters - Customer Support
Data Management - Customer Journey Management - Artificial Intelligence

Level Up Your Messaging

COMM’s Enterprise Cloud Communications Platform and a dedicated team with years in mobile communication experience will enable you to

  • Considerably increase sales and brand engagement.
  • Implement data driven marketing behaviour.
  • Detailed tracking, reporting and analytics.
  • Considerably reducing unsubscribe rates.
  • Future proof the organisation with the latest messaging technologies.

What We Offer

Encrypted SMS & Voice

Enterprise - Grade Global Routing

Transactional SMS & Voice

Web & App Push Notifications

Magic Login Links

Powerful, Scalable API

2FA and OTP SMS & Emails

WhatsApp, Viber, Line WeChat Support

High-Volume Voice Communication

Startup, Growing Business or Enterprise?
We Got You Covered.

Measurable Marketing Efforts?

Try our hassle-free 2-way bulk SMS marketing service, smsCOMM, which ensures that you know exactly where your messages go and how your prospects engage with them.

Fast-Growing Business?

Need to send frequent updates to your growing customer base, or keep them updated about their account activity and subscriptions? notifyCOMM provides the perfect scalable transactional SMS and voice solution.

Unparalleled Customer Support?

Don’t make your customers come to you – get to them via imCOMM, which allows you to connect with your customers on any channel they prefer, be it WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Line, SMS or Voice

Budding Startup?

Improve user acquisition and retention with pushCOMM. Set up web and app-based subscriptions to build an active community and engage with it.

Want Increased Security?

authyCOMM combines security and usability by letting you send 2FA and authentication SMS and emails to users alongside Magic Login Links for hassle-free user verification.

Demanding Enterprise?

enterpriseCOMM is our suite of highly secure communication tools which focus on the unique needs of your large-scale business. Programmable messages? We got you covered, high-volume e-commerce portal? No problem, ultra-secure SMS communication and firewall support? You bet! Get in touch with us to learn more.


Global Coverage

With coverage across 150+ countries, COMM truly takes your business global

Real-Time Tracking & Analysis

Communication is never one-sided.
COMM allows you to track and analyze campaign effectiveness in real-time

Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer support is available around the clock to answer questions and help with campaigns.

Enterprise-Grade Security

None of our services come at the price of security. With COMM your communication with customers remains private.

Powerful API

Our scalable API infrastructure can handle anything your business can throw at it. Millions of messages? No problem. Hundreds of hours of voice? Crystal clear every second.

Cost-effective Communication

Our patented AI Routing Technology ensures your messages go through channels optimized for maximum delivery at the best prices.

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