Learn more about 6.Enrichment to see which information can be added to contacts.

Upload contacts file

  1. Go to Contacts > Upload there you can upload a CSV or XLS to the platform.
  2. Select the tags you want to add to the contacts.
  3. Select the columns by the type.
  4. Click import.

Contacts feed

The contact feed allows you to receive new contacts via an API feed to your account. You can create multiple feeds where each feed has his unique token which can be submitted via the feed API endpoint. This allows you to accept contacts from multiple vendors while not exposing your API key.

The feed allows you to add a tag to the contacts uploaded to it so you can trace back which contacts were added by which feed.

Tags is a key component in segmenting your contacts.

Create feed

  • Create a new feed by going to Audience > Feeds > Create.
  • Select the tags you would like to add to contacts from this feed.
  • Share the feed token with your data vendor.
  • Using the token you can submit new contacts to the feed endpoint at /api/v1/webhooks/audience/feed endpoint

Viewing feed logs

  • By going to the Audience > Feeds > Logs you can see the contacts that were added via the feed.

API Feed Endpoint

API link

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