By default

By default

  • If no segments or filters are selected all contacts will be used.
  • Will not send to unsubscribed numbers #todo/dev/backend/waiting (validate)

Filters The filters allow you to segment the selected audience, for example you can set sent amount = 0 will select all the contacts that never received an SMS. You can add different logic there to achieve a specific criteria. If you select segments below this filters will apply to them as well ({filters} and {segments}).

  • You can click "Save filter" which will ask for the filter name.
  • You can under it select saved filters.

Segments Underneath you will see a table of your current saved segments, when you select them contacts that match ANY of them will be chosen

Stats You can view how many contacts are in this group on the right side.

Contacts In the table below you can see the actual contacts that match the criteria.

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