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Rate types

Rate types

  • Client rates - decided by Client rates plan (client rates), Vendor rates plan - saved in API send log
  • Vendor rates - decided by vendor rates - saved in route_rates_log


How do I view the rates I'm selling at?

Under hub/client route rates #assigned/rinat

  1. add update rule in rules / ability to view only rules Settings Under the settings menu you define the default profit logic #comment - check domains page

Rates Essentially client rates are vendor rates, applied with the rate rules and then if no rule exists uses the default rate plan. Route, Country, Network (Default (no network) or network name) - optional column, Network Brand (show range or 1 price), Company (Default (No company) or Company name), Vendor price, Client price, Set by (rule, default), Margin Type, Margin value and Performance Columns (Sent, Delivered (DLR%), Clicks, CTR - backend pagination & search, with api sendlogs reports endpoint. Vendor rates - apply rules and display table.

When a new pricing is set you need to apply pricing

How do I set the profit margin for the client?

  1. create a client rate plan
    1. Routing plan - has the SMS routes logic
    2. Set the default profit logic
      1. Percent of vendor cost
      2. Fixed amount added on SMS
    3. Add profit logic rules
      1. By company, network or country set a profit logic
    4. Price changes logic (what happens when a vendor updates the price)
      1. Automatically approve and update client price accordingly
      2. Disable sending on route (Vendor/Country/Network) and wait for manual approval

How do I update prices of routes

Why do I need to manually approve changes after setting a price change in Client Rates?

Because you might need to update multiple rates and don't want to send multiple "price update" emails for each update

How do I add and view balance?

Managing rates

Creating a fixed rates plan

The fixed rates plan determines the profit the seller makes on the routes he sells. The rates are fixed while the underline routes can be assigned statically or dynamically using the routing plan.

The fixed rate plan belongs to a routing group and can be viewed under routing groups/rate plan

Initially populating fixed rates table

  • Rates plan can be auto populated by clicking a button "Sync rates" (api#/operations/hub.fixed-rates.sync) - select route and it will copy all it's rates to the seller fixed rate plans.

Default rates

A country has a default rate if the network is not determined or doesn't exist in rates plan (MNP/HLR not enabled or failed for SMS)

Editing rates

Sends email to the billing address of the endpoint if not exists than the billing email of the company it's associated with.

You can view the rates emails sent on the endpoint information - hub/endpoints/{id}/email-updates #roadmap/v1

You can send the rate plan to the endpoint client by clicking "send rates".

After editing the rate the rate will be in status "draft" and won't be applied to client until "send rates" or "apply changes" is clicked.


After connecting custom routes you to start selling you will

  1. Create endpoint
    1. Select (or create) client company
    2. Select routing plan (which has a seller rates assigned)
  2. Viewing performance
    1. Profit/cost/conversion per country, route, network, endpoint, company, vendor per date time buckets
  3. Managing routes
    1. View available routes for routing plan
    2. Set your sale price
      1. Import rates from an existing vendor costs
      2. Set global margin or set specific route price
      3. Send rate updates to your clients
  4. Balance management
    1. Add balance per company
    2. View balance changes per company
    3. Issue invoices #roadmap/v2

Table for price changes - change FixedRouteRates to RouteRatesLog

  • change fix-rates.sync to import rates

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