Sms Hub

Conversion Based Routing

  1. Client sends SMS through the SMPP - check if we send SMS ID in the SMPP so we can match it in the Hub.
  2. The receiver of the SMS opens a short link in the SMS
  3. A web hook is received by the Hub and marks the SMS as "clicked"


What is conversion based routing in SMS?

Based on the click through rate the platform can detect if the route has been blocked or there's an issue to send to a specific destination.

Why not just DLR?

SMS Delivery receipts are not alway generated by the handset but in some cases are generated by the gateway. When generated by the gateway they’re not reliable for determining a route’s performance

How do I match the sending/receiving SMS to the conversion pixel data?

When sending an sms with an sms id is generated by the platform

When receiving an sms to you can

What needs to be included in the conversion pixel data?


Conversion data:

    object_id: <UUID>  
    user_agent: <string> <optional>
    ip: <IP>
    event_type: click|lead|sale <enum>  

How do I see the conversion information on the Hub?

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